Musical healing...

Ever feel like expressing yourself artistically, but don't know where to begin - feeling anxious at the sight of a blank canvass or piece of paper, full of self-doubt or critical thoughts? Ever stay silent when everyone else is singing, even though you have a deep yearning to find your voice? Do you long to be able to express yourself musically, but have grown up thinking and believing that you can't? Or maybe you do already sing, or play an instrument, but can't do in front of anyone, or perhaps you can play formally but can't seem to break the mold and improvise freely? Regardless of your experience and beliefs up to now, and I can help you unlock this innate capacity in a safe and nurturing environment. I wish and pray for anyone who can say YES to any of these things, that you come to KNOW yourself as a channel for the creative force that is your birthright! YOU CAN SING, PLAY, and CREATE!!

I know this because I grew up believing ‘I can’t sing’, ‘I’m not creative’, and ‘I have no musical ability’, and at the age of 32 I picked up an instrument for the very first time. It has been a profound part of my healing journey to unlock my creativity, dispel these beliefs, open my voice, and connect with music and sound in a sacred way. Over the last several years, I have learnt a number of musical instruments, begun to sing and write my own songs, trained in sound-healing, and explored deeply, with the help of some inspirational teachers, shamans and musicians, and artists, how this process works.

I have a strong passion for sharing the fruits of my journey, delighting in the liberation, empowerment, healing and fun it can bring. I believe that everyone can make music and sing, and find artistic expression no matter how old and inexperienced, and that everyone has a unique expression. Where ever you are on your journey towards creative freedom, if you resonate with what I am saying here, get in touch and we can create an experience to give you what you need at a price that works for you.

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"I’m feeling such deep appreciation for the harp session I’ve just received from Joy. She’s been able to explain something to me that I’ve been struggling with and has been the course of frustration in my playing, such that I’d even considered putting the harp down!! I now have some simple tools to work out the guitar chords I’ve wanted to play on my harp taking me in the direction of playing the music that makes my heart sing. Joy’s capacity to explain simply and effectively proves her gift in sharing this skill with others. I considered myself to be a previously ‘failed’ musician but with Joy I felt encouraged and supported throughout the session and feel really motivated to put into practice all that she shared with me. I can highly recommend Joy to anyone wanting to move forward with their creative expression in the harp and those wanting to open their voice too, she has so much to share with the world of conscious beautiful sound!!"  - Catherine (Tantra Teacher)

"I couldn't have had a better experience with my first singing lesson thanks to Joy. I have always lacked confidence singing and felt terribly self conscious sharing my voice. Joy encouraged me to open my throat with my heart and to receive without judgement whatever came out. What came was extraordinarily liberating, hugely healing and surprisingly enjoyable. I can't wait for my next lesson."  - Fleur (Yoga Teacher) 

"I have attended Joy’s singing workshop and it was such a Delight to my Heart and my Voice. Joy’s workshop was very engaging, fun and healing all at the same time. The feeling of acceptance and inclusion permeated the space and it truly helped to open up that voice and let it roar! :) Highly recommended to anyone wanting to deepen their relationship to own voice." - Milda