Crystal Healing

Would you like to experience a complete system reset? Crystals have the power to harmonise and align our system so that each energy centre of the body is clear and working optimally. Whatever your physical or emotional complaint, a crystal healing session can be a powerful way to correct the underlying energy imbalance or blockage, and allow for deep healing to occur. 

A crystal healing session involves lying down in a crystal web for the energy centre that needs focus, which we can tune into during a session.  A crystal web is where a ring of quartz crystals are placed around you to create a grid, and specially selected crystals are placed on strategic points on your body. The crystals are selected because they work together to harmonise and create a powerful energetic field which has the effect of allowing your own energy to be entrained and synchronise with the crystals, and begin to resonate at the same (healthy) high vibrational frequency of the crystals. This can realign, reactivate, harmonise, and balance the chakras, and thereby alleviate any condition which is associated with it.  Whilst you enjoy relaxing in the web, I create a healing sound journey, and also use coloured lights, aromas, and tastes to deepen the immersive healing experience. 

Group Crystal Healing - £25 (2-3 hr session including one healing crystal elixir to take home).

Private Crystal Healing: £60 + £15 for each additional person (1.5-2hr session including one healing crystal elixir each to take home).

The healing crystal elixirs and spritzs were made by Joy using the crystals in each of the webs, and can be purchased separately in my shop. These are wonderful for maintaining the positive changes after a web, and can be used separately to induce the same effect over time with regular use, or to bring in the energy of these webs as and when needed to harmonise or clear energy in your aura or space.


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""Wow what an amazing experience that was ! Just did a crystal healing session with Joy, which involved drinking cacao and getting covered in wonderful magical stones. Joy held the space fabulously and helped guide the journey with her beautiful instruments. " - Yazmin (Student)

"Joy was very patient with me and gently guided me through a journey where I was empowered to release many heavy energies and out dated patterns. After the session I felt liberated and lighter in a way that I could make new choices for myself, Thank you Joy" David (Tantric and Shamanic Practitioner, Retreat Facilitator)

"My mum and I really enjoyed the sooth your senses crystal healing session we attended. Joy is a lovely person and created a truly accepting atmosphere. I felt better as soon as a walked into the room as I felt I was surrounded by loving and healing energy. Thank you, Joy - I will be back!"  - Amy (Student).

"I had the delightful experience of a crystal grid healing with Joy. It was an exceptional experience... I was gently placed inside a grid aimed at healing for the sacral chakra ... as I floated away I could feel the transformation begin ... I felt the movement and release of some energetic trauma that I was carrying in my physical body . It was a slight shock to experience but afterwards I realised what a profound blockage had been cleared on a very deep level! I highly recommend Joy and Healing space... she is thoroughly committed to her clients healing and has such a loving and attentive manner I felt totally held for the entire process . Thanks again" - El (Retreat Facilitator and Sekhem healing Practitioner)

"I attended a crystal sound healing session with Joy. The session was designed in a beautiful way. The combination of cacao, the crystals and the variety of instruments used during the sound journey took me into a deep state of relaxation. I felt great afterwards. Highly recommended!” - Bart (Entrepreneur)