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I run regular workshops and ceremonies, click on the links to get more information and get tickets. If you don't see an event in your area, and would like to get a group of people together, I am happy to travel and offer bespoke events, either public or private, in other places. Get in touch!

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"Beautiful, breakthrough, heart-filled cacao ceremony to ignite our intentions for the new year. Thank you Joy, for creating such a safe, sacred space to share and come together! xx” - Katherine

Joy created a very sacred and safe space for everyone to share vulnerability and support one another - even though it was a room full of strangers to me. This is so rare to experience x” -

"My first time doing kambo and I was a little nervous but Joy made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Such a beautiful relaxing and special healing place. She is attentive and wonderful energy to be around. Highly recommend.” -

"Self-Love Transformational Workshop with Cacao, led by Dr. Joy Lovesey. I attended this workshop this weekend, self-love being something I need to continuously work on! Just wanted to give a massive shout out to beautiful sister Dr Joy Lovesey... what a well thought-out, and important workshop! Working on many levels, from cognitive, to spiritual and subconscious.. I experienced a big shift as prescribed by the deva doctor herself!!! I arrived at the workshop really anxious and self-deprecating, after a huge emotional release I've been feeling more confidence and pride in myself. Joy held space beautifully for me and gave me some great healing. People have responded to me differently in work today, including one client who usually gets aggressive opening up and connecting with me! I put it down to self-love! Also, Joy's hypnosis was the deepest I've ever experienced! Thank you sister!! Joy is a marvelous and inspirational leader, teacher and healer - big ups and bless upss!!!” Marguerite

"I attended a voice-opening-singing ceremony with Joy and it was really, really profound and powerful. She impressed us with all these powerful exercises to connect the voice to one's primeval, to balance all chackras with your voice and so on.... The energy I was able to activate during this latter exercise was particularly perceptible in my body for almost 24 hours after!" - Agustina

"There is something incredibly sacred and special about sharing a ritual or ceremony in a more tribal sense. Joy holds a beautiful, open and nurturing space that allows everyone to feel comfortable expressing what they came to, and has the wisdom/skills to draw out what may not have been expected. I felt a very clear shift straight after both Despacho (Black and White) Ceremonies I attended and couldn't recommend enough