Hi, I'm Dr. Joy Lovesey...

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Do you feel intense, difficult to manage emotion? Perhaps sometimes so much that you end up feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and turning to unhealthy habits to cope? These are intense times, and you are not alone! 

Everyone feels stuck sometimes, and everyone needs support sometimes to get through the challenges or to solve complex problems. Perhaps you've tried a few different things already, and either feel like it failed to work, or it worked for a short time but then you just found it coming up again? It might be a concrete issue, like anxiety, poor sleep, or a health problem, but sometimes it can just be a sense that things could be better, but you aren't sure how... that your relationships could be easier, healthier, or more intimate... that you could be making more of yourself but you aren't sure how to make the life you want to live a reality? If you are aware that any of this is true for you, then you are already on the path towards healing it. Awareness is the first step. Next is setting the intention to transform it. The fact that you are reading this means it is likely that you have an intention for your own healing already, so that's the hard part done! 

I know this because I have gone through this many times in my own life: I've overcome many challenges, gone through initiations, and have spent years on a healing path.  

In my experience, suffering has opened the way for a deep transformation in me and in my life and relationships. I have found ways to turn the biggest challenges into the deepest healing, and I know that you can also experience more joy and peace too.  It starts with a clear intention to do so. What happens from the moment you set an intention for healing, is a totally natural process of unravelling, clearing, and aligning, that will ultimately lead you to exactly where you need to be. If you are ready to transcend your problems and live a meaningful life of purpose, with freedom, joy, and bliss, contact me for a session. 

I draw on my training in energy healing, shamanic healing, hypnotherapy, natural wisdom leadership,  munay-ki initiation, plant dietas, reiki, meditation, and extensive personal process work, combined to get the best and fastest improvements in the state of mind and wellbeing of my clients. My heartfelt desire is to remind you of your own power,  truth, and divinity and empower you to heal yourself.